First day at work.

Today was my first day at work!
So much information, so many new faces and names but also a lot of familiar faces and good friends.

First time driving alone on the left side of the road was scary. Pitch black, heavy rain, less streetlights
than I’m used too but I made it back to the hotel.
It’s not that hard to drive on the left side especially when you drive an automatic. Just tried one time
to signal with the wipers and hit the door with my right hand to shift into reverse.

The Desolation of Smaug and maybe some Apes!

Just arrived in Kiwiland. Jet-laged and exhausted!
Let the adventure begin.

Arrived after a 7h stint Frankfurt to Dubai, 3h layover, 14h stint Dubai to Sydney, 4h layover + 1h delay,
3h Sydney to Wellington.

Thanks Joerg for being at the airport to welcome me!
I really appreciated that mate!

The Weta crew picked me up at the airport with my rental car for the next two weeks and brought to the hotel
were I’m staying for the next two weeks. The hotel is fantastic and if I should come back for another adventure
I would probably do a short term and enjoy my whole stay at this really nice hotel. Museum Art Hotel