An apple a day ...

This week, while strolling through the supermarket, I spotted an apple that looked vaguely familiar.
I really love my grandma’s Ontario apples, they are mostly green with some red/purple and they are
really sour and I mean REALLY sour. It’s a rare kind and not common in supermarkets since it’s so
sour that people only use it for baking and the like.
The only thing different about those apples was that they weren’t called Ontario but Ballarat. So I
bought some of those since I ran out of apples anyway. What can I say they tasted exactly like
Ontario apples do. You take a bite and your whole face turns into a grotesque face. :D
I love it!

Weta Digital Oscar Party

Today I was payed to attend to the Weta Digital Oscar Party, well it could be worse!

The party was set up in a club/restaurant/bar at the Wellington waterfront, so you could either watch
the Oscars on the screen or look at the waves through the window. I preferred the waves over the
Oscars, was never a big fan anyway and it was pretty much clear from the beginning that we wouldn’t
win the VFX-Oscar for the Hobbit anyway. So there was not really a point in watching the show.

As always it was a nice party with free food and drinks and I had some really nice chats with some friends
and co-workers. Only thing that could have been better was the weather, it started to rain at some point
and got really cold. The southerlies are back! Temperature dropped about 10 degrees or so and the wind
was at around 100kph. So after I tried to catch a not so heavy rain period, that turned into heavy rain within a
few minutes walking, I jumped in a taxi even though it would have been just a 20min walk back home. I
prefer not being soaking wet and cold for some reason. Had a good time anyway!

Making Music

Since the last weekends weren’t that pretty and we had rain and wind all the time I spent some time
with Traktor and my new mixer to create a new Drum and Bass mix. The first in a while. Had lots of
fun doing it and looks like it came out quite well, at least I haven’t got any complains so far. Will try
to do a Minimal/Tech/Deep House Mix next and have already a plan for a new Soundscape/Ambient
which will have the title ‘Traveling between the stars’.
I really enjoy making some mixes and playing with music, it’s been a while!
I love music so much, I hope I never go deaf!