Makara Beach Hike

Another hike today, this time we went for the Makara Beach Hike. Weather was beautiful, sunshine, windy.
After a while on a curvy road with funny signs saying “Horse Poo 1$” (interesting enough a lot of it was
just laying around on the streets) we arrived at Makara Beach with a beautiful view and a strong wind
producing really nice waves.
We then started our walk, it went pretty steep up the hill and I had to force my body to go up there without
collapsing. I’m really not in shape for uphill walks! Need to change that!
The view was really beautiful, fresh air and the wind sometimes being kind enough to push us up the hill.
Those sheep next to the path were looking a bit weird at us probably thinking what are these idiots doing
here and why are they looking so exhausted. On the top of the hill was an old bunker from WW2, they were
probably afraid of an invasion by the Nazis from Antarctica or penguins. Then we went back down to the
water and head back to Makara Beach. Really beautiful but exhausting walk! Beautiful New Zealand!


We went for a little hike in Zealandia in Wellington. It’s a wildlife resort that was developed around
a water catchment to restore the native New Zealand flora and fauna without any foreign animals.
Zealandia is surrounded by a large fence to keep out cats, dogs, mice, … . What a beautiful place
and it’s just a 10min drive from my apartment. You can walk through nature and enjoy the birds
singing (which sounds like ring tones to my european ears), fresh air, clean water.

I think this was not the last time I’ve been there. We also took a peak into an old goldmine, well I
expected a bit more but the mine turned out to be just a small 15m long tunnel. Nonetheless it
was interesting to go in there cause it was filled with wetas, cave wetas to be exact. Wetas are
grasshopper like creatures which gave Weta Digital it’s name. The once we saw are about 5-6cm
long an are able to jump 2-3m. Yes, 2-3 meter! That’s fucking crazy.


WOW! Go and get yourself a ticket and enjoy the ride.
What a fantastic movie.