Fact #5

When offered sun blocker in a restaurant while having lunch outside, a pale caucasian like myself
should take it! Otherwise one could end up with a red face and red hands.


Last night I finished work for the Hobbit 2 deadline!

It was a bit intense at the end but I still think I was lucky or whatever to not have worked totally crazy hours
but only crazy hours. Working straight for the last three weeks was ok even though I did 80-90 hours a
week. I kept my sleep cycle and so I made it through very well. Nevertheless I’m glad two have the weekend
off now and get some rest.

There will be still some work to do on the Hobbit but the main work is done and I think we can be proud to
have finished more than 400 shots in three weeks. From what I heard this is even for Weta insane!

Now it’s time to do some planing for the trip to the south island.

Fact #4

Christmas trees with flowers, birds and Kiwis (the birds) in it are a tiny bit weird!

Fact #3

After working 3 weeks straight with 75-90 hours per week time blurs and you loose the feeling
for putting a name on that day you are in.

Fire alarm!

Ever thought you don’t know the people you are living with in the same apartment building?
Well a good way to see them all is a fire alarm, best performed in the middle of the night.

That’s what happened. After I realised what that f*cking loud beeping noise was that woke me
up I remembered the first rule mentioned on every fire alarm poster: Keep calm! So I put on
some sneakers, grabbed my hoodie, mobile, wallet and got out of the building. One after the
other all the tenants of the building came out. Funny enough, Kiwis wear the same close day
and night. 80% were barefoot with shorts and t-shirts, a few weirdos had shoes on. So we
stood outside for half an hour watching the fire fighters arrive to check the building and I
had to check myself as alive and well on some funky check board outside of the building.

After half an hour the fire men came out again and told us to get back to bed without telling
us the reason for the fire alarm. But after a friend of mine initiated the same procedure some
days ago by making a toast a bit too crunchy I guess somebody was just cooking excessively
at night.

Oh did I mention that it was raining the whole time? It was but luckily just drizzling rain.