Again missing at least ten degrees

... to be honest a lot more than just that, was harder to leave the second time. :(
Gonna miss my friends and the ocean, even the wind.

I'm missing at least ten degrees

... must have lost them on the way down here. :(

Battle of the Five Armies or back at the end of the world!

Back at the end of the world for a second round of Hobbits and Dwarfs.

My good ol friend jet-lag is back and keeps me up at night and hits me over head in the afternoon.

Line and Josh were at the airport and welcomed me back! Thanks!

I’m back at the Museum Art Hotel this time I’ll stay here the entire time, since it’s just a short contract
of 3 month. Let’s see what waiting for me.

Back Home

18.05.2014 - Frankfurt

Home sweet home!

Going Home

17.05.2014 - Wellington-Sydney-Dubai-Frankfurt

Time to go home!
Before leaving NZ and going back home to Germany I spent my last hours with Jörg, Line, Josh und Rasmus.
We went for a little stroll and spent some time on the playground watching Josh on the slide and swing while
having the sun shining at around 18-20 degrees. Really nice.
We then went to Chocolate Fish for a last Kiwi lunch before starting the long journey home.
Nice way to end my time here. Thanks!