Pencarrow Lighthouse Hike

Today I went with Michael on a little hike to the Pencarrow lighthouse as we thought. This little hike
ended up as a 13.4km hike and I was pretty exhausted afterwards but happy. The weather was
fantastic for that endeavour, sunny, 14 degree celsius, windy. The wind led to really nice waves
and a salty taste of the air.

I didn’t check on the map how far it was and thought it might be a walk of one hour to lighthouse,
well it took a while longer and after two hours I hoped to see the lighthouse around every corner.
Then it appeared but was placed on a steep hill to punish me even more on the last minutes. After
I lost my lung on the way up I was glad to see that it was worth the effort. WHAT A FANTASTIC VIEW!
To the left green hills with sheep and lakes, to the front the Cook Straight, to the right the Red Rocks,
to the back Wellington Bay and above blue sky. The waves driven by the wind crashing into the
rocks on the shore, withe water piling up, cyan blue water. I love it!

I think it was not possible to take shitty pictures on that day no matter where you were pointing
the camera. What a fantastic day.

I really have to do more of those hikes to train my body so that I’m not so exhausted and be
able to enjoy the vistas more and explore more of this country.

Fact #2

An iPhone is not the best option to try to take a picture of the Moon and Venus on the night sky over Wellington.

I could also have taken a picture of the roof of a black car with some bird poo on it …

It look pretty cool in reality though.

Botanic Garden in Wellington

Took a walk trough the Botanic Garden of Wellington, really nice. Just a 20min walk from my apartment
and in some parts there you have the feeling of being in a jungle. I think this could be a place to spend
more time when it’s warmer. Walked around for about 2 hours or so caught some fresh air and sun to
fill up my reserves cause from now on we are on a seven day week and there won’t be much time for
walks like this in the next weeks.

The weather decided to show that it’s actually still winter here and went back to windy and cold. Which
is still like spring or autumn in Germany with 6-10 degrees wind and rain. Well the wind is a bit more
intense than what we are used to in Germany, I guess a breeze in Wellington would be more like a small
storm in Germany.